Announcing Our 2023 Summer Season!

Three fabulous shows at the Orillia Opera House, starring actors that have been featured in film and television and on stages in Stratford, Shaw and other major theatres across the country.

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July 5 to July 21, 2023

Moving In

by Norm Foster

When Mark and Gretchen decide to move in together at fifty-something, they think they’ve got it all figured out. But their grown-up children have other ideas. Mark’s son Brett is a wannabe rock star who says he'll lend a hand – but never quite gets around to it. Gretchen’s daughter Rachel is a cop who flies across the country to arrest her mom's midlife crisis. Sparks fly and jokes crackle in this new and hilarious show by Canada’s comedy genius.

Directed by Opera House Artistic Director Jesse Collins, and co-produced with Upper Canada Playhouse.

Wed Jul 5 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Jul 6 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Jul 7 - 7:30pm

Tue Jul 11 - 2pm
Wed Jul 12 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Jul 13 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Jul 14 - 7:30pm

Tue Jul 18 - 2pm
Wed Jul 19 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Jul 20 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Jul 21 - 7:30pm

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July 26 to August 11, 2023

Bed and Breakfast

by Mark Crawford

Brett and Drew are tired of their crowded condo and their demanding careers in Toronto. They want a house of their own, but they can’t compete in the city’s ruthless real estate market. When Brett’s Aunt Maggie dies and leaves him a gorgeous old house in a charming tourist town, it’s a chance to start anew. From nosy neighbors to renovation disasters, they face one hilarious challenge after another. Will they overcome the prejudice and the problems in their new community, or will they long for the diversity and the excitement of the city?

Don’t miss this clever and moving comedy directed by Fiona Sauder, one of Canada’s most exciting contemporary directors!

Wed Jul 26 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Jul 27 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Jul 28 - 7:30pm

Tue Aug 1 - 2pm
Wed Aug 2 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Aug 3 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Aug 4 - 7:30pm

Tue Aug 8 - 2pm
Wed Aug 9 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Aug 10 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Aug 11 - 7:30pm

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August 16 to September 1, 2023

Halfway There

by Norm Foster

Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, is a small town with a big claim to fame: it’s halfway between the North Pole and the equator. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special. It’s also home to Vi, Rita, Mary Ellen, and Janine, four friends who know everything about everyone in this tiny town. Well, almost everything. They didn’t see Sean coming. He’s a handsome doctor who just moved in for a temporary job at the clinic. And things are about to get interesting in the lives of four old friends.

Don’t miss this hilarious and heartwarming comedy by Norm Foster, a show that has delighted audiences across the country and now it's Orillia's turn!

Wed Aug 16 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Aug 17 - 2 pm
Fri Aug 18 - 7:30pm

Tue Aug 22 - 2pm
Wed Aug 23 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Aug 24 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Aug 25 - 2pm

Tue Aug 29 - 2pm
Wed Aug 30 - 2 & 7:30pm
Thu Aug 31 - 2 & 7:30pm
Fri Sep 1 - 7:30pm

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The OOH!

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